Bigfoot, No really, Bigfoot!

Who said Bigfoot isn't real? Well he surely is real in this game! So if you don't know what Bigfoot is, Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch, is the name of an mammal resembling a

great ape or a very large hairy main that lives in forests of the North Pacific region of North America. Usually described as a large hairy hominid walking on two legs.

Well, does this peek your interest? If so, get your gear, because your going hunting.With the help of modern Guns, traps, and gadgets, it's your job to hunt this creature down.

With lots of places to explore, don't let the world take you in awe, as your mission is to hunt this creature, but be careful! Don't become the hunted! Create small camps and explore the world to find useful items that can help you on your journey. As you have limited resources and you must use them wisely!

Without spoiling to much of the game and fun you can have in this world, lets talk a little bit about what the game sells for. For only $16 on steam, I have to say this game is a steal! Play single player and go alone, or if your to scared, take your friends with you as the game supports a co-op of up to 4 players!

A little bit about the company behind this game, CyberLight Game Studios is young company founded in 2017. With their game already in the making, not long after being founded the first version of the game came out, Bigfoot. Bigfoot being their only game, it is sill currently being developed on and you can track their progress by joining their discord. We hope to see more from this small studio as time progresses.

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