Do you have the Will To Live?

Do you have what it takes? The Will to live? Join us in this post apocalyptic world and survive among not only other fellow survivors, but mutants that walk among you.

We are here with another survival game! Ugh.....yet another survival game? We understand that there are plenty of survival games out there and most just rips everyone off and runs with your money. Well, while on our vast search of free games to bring to the light of our community, we came across this little gem.

Being in constant update...with the latest one being on April 10, 2020, and being free to play...we wanted to give it a go. So lets talk a little bit about the game shall we?

The basic break down of the game is first person MMORPG-shooter with survival elements. You must survive against the elements of not only the world with it being filled with radiation & mutants, but one of the most other dangerous aspects....your fellow survivors. But even before you step into the world to try to find your will to survive you can choose between 4 Different classes which all have their own abilities and equipment. And don't think you will get stuck with a random spawn of yourself, your able to choose you character, its customization and gender.

With a whole open world to explore, there is plenty to do.....and well look out for. With a upgrade system, crafting system, and various weapons to use and choose from, you are surely to not get bored. And hey, if you get tired of looking at those plain weapons, you can just always change the look of it with a special painting system.

Hey, just don't keep sitting here...Jump in, find your Will!

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