HASH RUSH a crypto game you dont wanna miss!

So, you may be wondering....what exactly is a crypto game and what difference is it from

the games we love and play today. For too long games have not allowed us to use our own time and money spent into our beloved games. One of the greatest examples of this would be a mmo.

Have you ever spent money in a mmo, I know I have. What most players don't realize is that they have no real control over the pricing behind these new items or currency and are victim to the devs/publishers of the game. Well that all changes with crypto games. These games are built on top of a given blockchain "Etherum for example". This will allow developers give more freedom to the community and let the game be truly driven by the community.....as I am not expert in this subject...please feel free to read more here

So enough about that...here what your really here for, Hash Rush. A sci-fi fantasy rts that is set in a fictional galaxy.

Hash rush has four core features. Exploring, Combat, Building & Crafting, & Leaderboards.

Exploring - Players will have a set determined time to explore their given surroundings & gather resources that are needed for your colony...Everything may be peaceful. But don't be fooled.

Combat - Fight your way through the dangerous creatures that do not want to see your colony thrive. If your strong enough to last...you might just find better resources to help sustain the onslaught of enemies.

Building & Crafting - Can't have a good rts without a good well balanced building and crafting system. Build you a functional colony and defend yourself against the monsters who will rush your base and force you to reconsider your strageties.

Leaderboards - While this is more done on your part as whole...still can't have a rts without challenges and challengers to take your top spot. Compete against the others who want to rise above you and send you back down into the abyss where you belong...or rather...where they belong. Defeat your enemies and become the best in what you do.

If you want to see more of the in dept details that it offers...look no further..click on me!

Just looking at the core features that the game offers, overall I would say the game sounds like a fun way to pass the time. From slaying your enemies to slaying the others who dare to challenge your rank on the leaderboards, to even going into a in depth world that you can use to your advantage...I am sure you will find something you love doing in hash rush.


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