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Good Morning & Good Friday fellow gamers. Today we are here to talk about a new upcoming MOBA. Now with quite a few MOBAS out there it can be hard to find one that you can really sink your time into. Anywhere from the main Stream MOBAS like League and Smite to the lesser known ones like BattleRite.

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Ethereal: Clash Of Souls

Ethereal is a new and upcoming MOBA that definitely has its own look on the MOBA genre. With the journey beginning in the winter of 2017, the Ethereal team has been hard at work bringing this game to life and at the current given time there is no hard release date. But hey! Don't let that bring you down. Come, take a look, we promise you will like what you see.

So what makes this different from the other MOBAS you might ask? Well Unlike the other MOBAS, Ethereal has a very unique way of giving players a more immersive feel. So lets break this down a little. The characters in Ethereal are Called Myths and each Myth falls into a different class. So as of now, the classes are; Archmage, Berserker, Cleric, Knight, Marksman, Overseer, Reaper, & Sky Slayer. Every class has its own unique interaction with the world or how the player can play. Lets take a look at the class break down.

Class Ability: Teleportation Sigils

Archmages can place teleportation sigils around the map.

Class Ability: Destructible Terrain

Berserkers can destroy trees or rocks to create bridges or block a road, utilizing this ability will apply a cooldown.

Class Ability: Etherean Path

Clerics can pledge their devotion to a different Etherean. Each tome grants a different bonus.

Knight Class Ability: Relic Hunt

Knights will select one relic to pursue throughout the game. Completing different goals will unlock various passive and active effects.

Marksmen Class Ability: Sharpshooting

Marksmen can select one enemy MYTH to target for increased damage.

Reaper Class Ability: Parkour

Allows the reaper class to climb over trees, rocks, boulders for a sneak attack.

Sky Slayer Class Ability: Flight

Sky Slayers can channel energy to take flight. This enables them to move freely through the air.

Overall we see this game as a fresh new look on this genre and things we have never seen before. As the game is still in its early stages we are going to constantly see what else the team at Undying games can conjurer up. As of now the game will be free and has no set date of release.

If you want to know more check out the Site or join the ever growing community on Discord.

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