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Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend! Today we are going to talk about a new mmorpg that is something alot of people has always wanted in rpgs. Past Fate is an open world MMORPG game being developed by Icy North Games, where the players freedom is the key element. You can explore the huge world and its continents and islands. Sail the treacherous seas to explore the world and recruit your own crew to assist you in naval combat. Hire and train mercenaries and soldiers to help your kingdom in the time of war. Find secrets, treasures and mysteries to aid you in your journey. Practice to become the crusader and smite down your enemies or find how to wield more darker powers to hunt your prey during the night. What is your fate? 

There are two factions, along with many other adversaries. The two main factions are Valfalk and Morsath which are constantly battling for dominance over the lands of Nendhir.

Valfalk is a union between the vikings of Hjyndall and the barbarians of Gulskir the control the northern lands of Nendhir. While as Morsath is a pack between the Kingdom of Edaria, the Kingdom of Drosus, and the Empire of Coria. This pact of three control the central lands of Nendhir.

As the two factions wage war against each other, the dark powers are slowly rising in the shadows. In the south, the Cult of Voxyx has awakened the ancient dark lords once again.

But if this wasnt enough....Far in the west, at the heart of the swamplands of Khordof, the mighty dragon Yddrad threatens to engulf the world in flames.  

It is up to you as a mercenary to choose your own fate. Help your faction to conquer new lands and together you will face the shadows that the night brings. Fight back and take whats yours.

As Past Fate has a huge selection of things to do and ways to play, you should be able to find the thing that quenches your thirst the best. So looking a what Past Fate has to offer.....well lets say its quite a bit and a lot more to come. Here are some of the features that Past Fate will offer you.


With the land of Past Fate being so expansive(Sorry I don't have the rough estimates), You can do things like; build your own ship and sail the seas to explore different continents and islands. Find kingdoms to trade your goods or to buy supplies, unite with your friends and explore dungeons to fight strong foes and collect the treasures or form a group to find and defeat legendary ancient creatures.


Hire mercenaries and gather your soldiers to conquer the enemy lands to yourself.

Defend Your Kingdom

You must defend you kingdom at all cost as players can attack and break your buildings in hopes to conquer your land. You can help defend your kingdom by hiring mercenaries and soldiers to help protect whats yours.

Slay powerful enemies

Fight strong enemies and plunder powerful treasures from dungeons or Form a group to find and defeat ancient creatures across the world

Beware the Night

Players who can wield the dark magic can use it to turn into a beast to hunt all who are left behind and vulnerable. So watch yourselves at night, for as you might be the next prey!

Conquer the Sea

Naval Combat will be introduced in to the game where you will purchase, upgrade and control your ships. Personally this is one of my top favorite things I wanted in a good mmorpg. Classes

Past Fate looks to be a really promising mmorpg with a beautiful world and many features. Some which will work in a way we might not have seen before. The game is currently set to be released on steam s early access with a Price tag of $19.99 and will be initially released in the summer of 2020. As the game is coming out in early access, I know many people will be scared to partake in this. But as a young indie dev company they already have a game published and put on steam. Lets take a little deeper look into Icy North Games

About Icy North Games Icy North Games was founded in summer, 2018. Being a independent game development company located in Helsinki, Finland. With there first game being Dread of Laughter. I have personally contacted them and overall they are very kind and open. They love adding surprises in their game as well (Look into Past Fate more when you play they wouldn't tell me the extra fun things they got planned for the community!) Come join their discord!

I really look forward to what games they will bring us and the high hopes I have for Past Fate, because I personally will be spending my time playing with who ever else decides to join me on this adventure!

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