Road To Eden

If your looking for a survival game with new ways to play, your definitely in the right place. Road to Eden offers more than just your run of the mill survival games. With aliens, missions, randomized loot and factions; your sure to find something that you love doing.

Road to Eden is a post apocalyptic world destroyed by an alien invasion. With most of the human population wiped out Project Eden is humanity's last hope. Project Eden is a base of operations where the remaining survivors are fighting back for the right to live and strive. Team up with other survivors and make your stand!

With still being under development here are some of the features Road To Eden offers

  • Third person Multiplayer Survival 4 players CO-OP

  • Crafting

  • Building

  • Random Dungeons

  • 4 factions with multiple sub classes - Infected, Rebels, Paramilitary and the visitors

  • Open world

  • Randomized loot

  • Caves with rare loot

  • Missions

  • World events

Overall the community seems to be very active and love the game. With new constant updates and active game devs, you will fill at home in this ever growing community.


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