The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt

Welcome to our first mobile gaming blog. We are starting out with a game that not only is on mobile, but available on other platforms if mobile isn't your fancy. The Pirate: Caribbean Hunt, is an older game and surely has older graphics. But don't let that fool you. Even having outdated graphics, it has an impressive positive feedback rating and downloads (Exceeding over 200k on mobile).

So what is this game and why should you give it a try? Well simply put, its fun. Even being an outdated game, there is still enough to do and keep you busy. This game has a a pretty big list of things you can do and here is just a few!

  • 20 classes of ships that should keep you entertained

  • The ability to control multiple ships in combat

  • Attack enemy fortresses

  • 30 different ship upgrades

  • Character development with leveling

  • 20 Different Captain Skills

  • Hundreds of different islands and dozens of ports to visit

  • Building construction and upgrades

  • Sea battles and Scenarios (Including missions)

  • A story driven campaign

  • Over 50 years of real history and events

  • The ability to fight with other players in 2 multiplayer modes: PvP and PvE

Even with the list above, that still isn't everything that comes with this game! If your bored and love pirate games, give it a try, it's a free game after all! If you don't like it, Home Net Games has plenty of other free games that you can try out.

We also recommend trying out The pirate: Plague of the Dead. Another fun mobile pirate game.

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