Unbound: Worlds Apart

Today we are talking about a new upcoming game on steam. Now if your not into 2D Puzzle platformers this won't be for you. But if this is your genre, stick around.

I want to start off saying I am not really into 2D games, but this actually has blown me away. With a beautiful style of art, I can definitely tell this will be a pretty immersive game, well actually you can even check it out for yourself before buying it! I don't know how long the demo will be up for on steam, but this is a very good oppurtunity to see the game first hand before the full release.

So what is Unbound Worlds Apart?? Well Unbound is a puzzle platform here to immerse you into a beautiful hand crafted world to solve puzzles! Take on the evil forces brought upon the world and seek to unravel what has plunged everything into darkness.

Using a variety of portals, which help give the player multiple mechanics to use, to help find your way and solve the mysteries. But don't think you can just walk your way through this! Through some portals the very physics and the characters abilities will change making you find a new way to bring yourself to advance.

While making your way you will encounter bloodthirsty creatures that you must find a way to use for your advantage. Soli, being the only young mage that can take on the tasks, you must continue to advance and find the path that unravels the mysterious evil forces that are behind the whole thing.

The developers behind development for Unbound is Alien Pixel Studios which started this project in 2016 as hobby from the small indie team. As the project grew and slowly shaped up, the team decided to take it up fully in 2018 and go full time. As this seeming to be their first game and how good it looks, I am having high hopes for this game but hopely more to come in the future.

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